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By Anastasia S. on 14 July 2020 :
Product rated : RO-80mm Rainbow Bullet Vibrator

Best purchase I ever made!

Powerful vibrations for such a small toy. Really gets me off and pretty quickly I might add. Love the fact that it's small and discreet, can take it anywhere with me. Absolutely a must-have.

By Anthony W. on 03 July 2020 :
Product rated : Veronica Rodriguez Caliente Fleshlight Girls

Why didn't I buy it earlier?

I was a bit sceptical about these things but being single for over a year (...I know), thought might give it a go. My friend suggested to get a Fleshlight. Said it feels almost like the real thing... and he wasn't lying.

After first try, I thought to myself why on earth didn't I buy one earlier. Feels amazing inside, very soft and tight, and the cap at the top allows you to control suction. Make sure to use plenty of lube. Cleaning and drying takes a bit of time but I'm not even bothered about it.

Definitely recommend this toy to all single lads out there.

Great customer service. Thanks

By Giovanna B. on 15 June 2020 :
Product rated : Twenty One Vibrating Diamond Bijoux Indiscrets

Love it

At first I wasn't sure about how effective it would be because of its unusual shape. But, it looks cute so I decided to try it. Plus it's not as expensive as some of the other vibrators I have.
I have to say I was impressed. Vibrations are strong and it hits just the right spot. Don't regret buying it at all.

By Edward J. on 17 Nov. 2018 :
Product rated : Jenna Haze Obsession Fleshlight Girls

Great Stuff

Pleasantly surprised. Didn't think it would feel that good. Best orgasms I've ever had except for the real sex of course. Don't think anything can beat real sex but if you're not getting it regularly then investing in one of these is a smart choice. Definitely improves your solo play. The actress is very talented.

By Jack B. on 11 Nov. 2018 :
Product rated : Alexis Texas Outlaw Fleshlight Girls


My order arrived in discreet packaging as promised.
Very nice looking labia.
Excellent quality compared to £10-£20 sex toys I used.
The feeling is absolutely incredible.

By Dylan H. on 10 Nov. 2018 :
Product rated : Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight Girls

Worth Every Penny

In my experience, Fleshlights are the best male toys on the market. I have 3 of them already and recently added Riley Reid to my collection. All I can say is that I'm very happy. Feels amazing, looks good, easy to clean, and orgasms are very intense.

If you are single you have to get one! Won't be disappointed.

By Sergio K. on 10 Nov. 2018 :
Product rated : Eva Lovia Sugar Fleshlight Girls


Eva Lovia masturbator is Game-Changing! I had two sided, dumbbell shape masturbator before which was pretty good but not as good as the Fleshlight one. Eva Lovia's internal canal is slightly loose which is good in my opinion. My previous sex toy was so tight my penis was suffocating inside it.
Superskin material really does feel very realistic. Orgasms I experienced using Fleshlight are much more intense than using my hand lol. I used this masturbator over 10 times now and it still feels and looks like new. It is also super easy to clean and doesn't take much time to dry.
Overall, I give this product 5 stars and definitely recommend others to try it.